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#!/usr/bin/env python
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
import urllib2
import sys
import os
import codecs
import yaml
import time
import my_time
# tab character
t = "\t"
#html line break
br = '<br />'
indent_level = 0
sites = ['cmc', 'pomona', 'scripps']
survey_url = ""
snack_url = ''
def main(month, day):
global indent_level, t, br
day_int = my_time.get_day_of_week(want_index = True, month = month,
day = day)
the_day = my_time.get_day_of_week(want_lowercase = False, month = month,
day = day)
if day_int > 4:
print "Warning: running Good Morning CMC for weekend " + the_day
current_day = my_time.get_day_of_month()
current_month_ind = my_time.get_month(want_index = True)
wanted_day = my_time.get_day_of_month(day = day)
wanted_month_ind = my_time.get_month(want_index = True, month = month)
if current_month_ind > wanted_month_ind or wanted_day > current_day:
# then
print "today is " + my_time.get_month(want_lowercase = False) + " " + str(current_day) + \
", but you are running email for " + month + " " + str(day)
print "type ok or enter new day"
# new month is rare case
user_input = raw_input()
print user_input
if user_input not in ["OK", "ok"]:
day = int(user_input)
if current_day < wanted_day or current_month_ind < wanted_month_ind:
print """Warning: running Good Morning CMC a day (or more) before
email will run. The snack menu will not be accurate. Wait until after
midnight for an accurate menu, or add correct snack manually."""
#need to store this in a variable
for site in sites:
print "Creating email for " + site + "..."
path_to_index_dir = os.path.join("static", site, month, str(day))
if not os.path.isdir(path_to_index_dir):
path_to_create_dir = "create"
# codecs helps w/ unicode
with, "index.html"),
mode='w', encoding="utf-8") as f:
fw(f, '<html>')
indent_level += 1
fw(f, '<head>')
indent_level += 1
# set unicode
fw(f, """<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" Content="text/html;
# this css sets the correct width for iphones - if the image is
# 600px wide, it will zoom out the text
fw(f, """<style>
@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {
indent_level -= 1
fw(f, '</head>')
fw(f, '<body>')
indent_level += 1
fw(f, "".join(['<title>', the_day, ", ", month.capitalize(), " ", str(day), " - Good Morning " + site.capitalize() + "</title>"]))
fw(f, '<style>body{font-family:Helvetica, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif;} #ad a { color: #0000ff; } b {font-family:Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;}</style>')
fw(f, '')
# ad script
ad_file_name = "".join([site, "_ads", ".html"])
with, ad_file_name),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as ads_file:
ads =
fw(f, '<div id="ad" style="background-color:#ddd; padding:15px; margin-bottom:10px;">' + ads + '<div style="clear:both;"></div></div>')
fw(f, '')
fw(f, "".join(['<div id="inbrowser" style="padding-bottom:30px;"><a href="http://goodmorning' + site + '.com/static/', site, "/", month, "/", str(day), "/",
'">View this email in your browser</a></div>']))
fw(f, '<a href="' + site + '.com&t=Good%20Morning%20' + site.capitalize() + '">Like on Facebook</a>')
site + '_message.html'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as message_file:
message =
if message:
fw(f, "".join([br*2, message]))
fw(f, "<h3>Events on campus</h3>")
#todo:add events parsing from Google Calendar
#for now, just adding manually
fw(f, '')
fw(f, "<ul>")
with , 'events.yaml'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as events_file:
events = yaml.load(events_file)
if events.has_key(site):
for event in events[site]:
fw(f, "<li>" + event + "</li>")
if events.has_key('5c'):
for event in events['5c']:
fw(f, "<li>" + event + "</li>")
fw(f, "</ul>\n")
if events.has_key('saturday'):
fw(f, "\n<b>Saturday</b><br><br>")
fw(f, "<ul>")
for event in events['saturday']:
fw(f, "<li>" + event + "</li>")
fw(f, "</ul>")
if events.has_key('sunday'):
fw(f, "\n<b>Sunday</b><br><br>")
fw(f, "<ul>")
for event in events['sunday']:
fw(f, "<li>" + event + "</li>")
fw(f, "</ul>")
with, 'talks.yaml'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as talks_file:
talks = yaml.load(talks_file)
if talks:
fw(f, "<h3>Talks</h3>")
fw(f, "<ul>")
if talks.has_key(site):
for talk in talks[site]:
fw(f, "<li>" + talk + "</li>")
if talks.has_key('5c'):
for talk in talks['5c']:
fw(f, "<li>" + talk + "</li>")
fw(f, "</ul>\n\n")
with, 'deadlines.yaml'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') \
as deadlines_file:
deadlines = yaml.load(deadlines_file)
# refactor this - shouldn't print deadlines if there are no relevant
# ones
if deadlines:
fw(f, "<h3>Deadlines</h3>")
fw(f, "<ul>")
if deadlines.has_key(site):
for deadline in deadlines[site]:
fw(f, "<li>" + deadline + "</li>")
if deadlines.has_key('5c'):
for deadline in deadlines['5c']:
fw(f, "<li>" + deadline + "</li>")
fw(f, "</ul>")
if site == 'cmc':
fw(f, "<h3>Athenaeum</h3>")
fw(f, '')
with, 'ath.yaml'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as ath:
ath_data = yaml.load(ath)
if ath_data:
if ath_data.has_key('lunch'):
fw(f, "<b>Lunch: </b>" + ath_data['lunch'] + br*2)
fw(f, "Lunch begins at 11:30, and the program begins at noon." + br*2)
if ath_data.has_key('dinner'):
fw(f, "<b>Dinner: </b>" + ath_data['dinner'] + br*2)
fw(f, "Ath opens at 5:30; dinner is at 6, and the program begins at 6:45." + br*2)
fw(f, "".join(['Place reservations <a href="',
' or check out the ',
'<a href="">',
'full list of speakers for the spring 2011 semester.</a>']))
fw(f, '')
# want to load these from file so we're not repeating, but
# patience for now
fw(f, "<h3>The world today</h3>")
with, 'links.yaml'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as links_file:
links = yaml.load(links_file)
for link in links['links']:
if link.has_key("just_text"):
fw(f, link["just_text"] + br*2)
link_after = ""
if link.has_key('after'):
link_after = link['after']
fw(f, "".join(["<a href='", link['href'], "'>", link['text'],
"</a> ", link_after, br*2]))
fw(f, '<a href="">The 12 hottest stories around the world right now</a>' + br*2)
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">News from around the Claremonts</a> (requires RSS)', br*2]))
fw(f, '')
fw(f, "<h3>Weather</h3>")
fw(f, '')
weather_url = ''
weather_url_opened = urllib2.urlopen(weather_url)
except Exception:
print "could not connect to internet, weather not loaded"
# should fail here
weather_img_url = ''
weather_link = links['weather']
weather_file_contents =
the_tree = etree.fromstring(weather_file_contents)
for a_day in the_tree.findall(".//forecast_conditions"):
if a_day.find('day_of_week').get('data') == the_day[:3]:
low = a_day.find('low').get('data')
high = a_day.find('high').get('data')
img_url = weather_img_url + a_day.find('icon').get('data')
cond = a_day.find('condition').get('data')
fw(f, "".join(["<img id='weather_image_url' src=\"", img_url,
"\" style=\"float:left; padding-right:10px;\" width=\"48\"\
height=\"48\" /><span id='weather_cond'>", cond,
"</span>, high <span id='weather_high'>", high,
"</span>, low <span id='weather_low'>", low,
"</span> with a ", str(weather_link['chance']),
"% chance that <a href='", weather_link['href'], "'>",
weather_link['text'], "</a>", br*2]))
fw(f, '')
fw(f, '<a href="">check out the 5-day forecast</a>')
fw(f, '')
flex_filename = 'flexhours.txt'
#friday flex hours are different
if the_day == "Friday":
flex_filename = 'flex_weekend_hours.txt'
with, flex_filename),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as flex_hours:
fw(f, "<h3>Dining Hall Hours</h3>")
fw(f, '')
fw(f, '<img id="hours" src="http://goodmorning' + site + '.com/static/hours.jpg" width="690" height="177" alt="To view, Click \'Always display images\' at the top of your email" />')
fw(f, '')
fw(f, "<h3>Dining Hall Menus</h3>")
if site == 'cmc':
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Collins (CMC)</a>', br*2]))
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Frary (Pomona)</a>', br*2]))
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Frank (Pomona)</a>', br*2]))
elif site == 'pomona':
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Frary (Pomona)</a>', br*2]))
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Frank (Pomona)</a>', br*2]))
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Collins (CMC)</a>', br*2]))
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Malott (Scripps)</a>', br*2]))
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Hoch-Shanahan (Harvey Mudd)</a>', br*2]))
fw(f, "".join(['<a href="">Pitzer</a> (menu unavailable)', br*2]))
fw(f, '')
if site == 'cmc':
opened_url = urllib2.urlopen(snack_url)
snack_xml =
the_tree = etree.fromstring(snack_xml)
the_snack = the_tree.findall(".//txtTitle")
if the_snack:
the_snack_element = the_snack[0]
if hasattr(the_snack_element, 'text'):
the_snack_text = the_snack_element.text
fw(f, '<h3>Snack</h3>')
fw(f, the_snack_text + "<br><br>")
fw(f, '<a href="">Sign up to receive the Snack menu on your phone, ten minutes before Snack</a><br><br>')
fw(f, '')
with, 'sports.yaml'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as sports_file:
sports_data = yaml.load(sports_file)
# this code is ugly. refactor pronto
relevant_sports_data = []
if sports_data:
fw(f, '<h3>Sports</h3>')
if site in ['cmc', 'mudd', 'scripps']:
if sports_data.has_key('cms'):
relevant_sports_data = sports_data['cms']
if sports_data.has_key('pp'):
relevant_sports_data = sports_data['pp']
if relevant_sports_data:
if type(relevant_sports_data) is list and \
type(relevant_sports_data[0]) is dict:
#we have "Last Night," "Tonight," etc
for i in relevant_sports_data:
fw(f, "<b>" + i.keys()[0] + "</b><br><br>")
for j in i.values()[0]:
fw(f, j + "<br><br>")
elif type(relevant_sports_data) is list:
for i in relevant_sports_data:
fw(f, i + "<br /><br />")
imp_links_filename = os.path.join(path_to_create_dir,
'important_links', site + '.txt')
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as important_links:
with, 'tagline.txt'),
encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as tagline_file:
tagline =
fw(f, "".join(['It\'s ', the_day, '. ', tagline]))
fw(f, '<br><br><br><br>')
fw(f, '<a href="' + survey_url + '">take our short survey</a><br><br>')
fw(f, '<a href="http://goodmorning' + site + '.com/advertise/">Promote your event</a>')
indent_level -= 1
fw(f, '</body>')
indent_level -= 1
# load mailchimp "Sent to" info.
# We can't use Mailchimps version because it sets the table width
# too wide and destroys readability on mobile devices.
encoding="utf-8") as mailchimp_file:
mchimp_text =
fw(f, "".join(["\n", mchimp_text, "\n"]))
fw(f, '</html>')
#open file for inspection, in a browser and in a text editor
chromecmd = "open -a \"Google Chrome\" " + path_to_index_dir \
+ "/index.html"
if ( == "nt"):
chromecmd="start " + path_to_index_dir + "/index.html"
os.system("open -t " + path_to_index_dir + "/index.html")
# add the new file to the repository
os.system("hg add static")
def fw(f, text):
f.write(t*indent_level + text + '\n')
if __name__ == "__main__":
# check sys.argv to make sure array access is valid
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
month = sys.argv[1]
day = int(sys.argv[2])
print "Enter month (currently " + \
my_time.get_month() + "):"
month = raw_input()
print "Enter day (currently " + str(my_time.get_day_of_month()) + "):"
day = int(raw_input())
main(month, day)
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