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Ways to Get Started

Looking for ways to contribute? Here are some great ways to help out!


  • Write the email for tomorrow. Look up the examples in static/cmc/march/*/index.html for example. For now, just send me the text and I'll figure out how to send it out.

  • Add styling for visited links to the CSS stylesheet so links that you've already visited show up in a different color on the website.

  • Check that all the links in the email still work, as CMC recently redesigned/rearchitected their website


  • Make the website look good on mobile phones, using CSS media queries.

  • Set up the website to run locally on your computer. There are instructions here. This will help you troubleshoot all of the other stuff. Please email me if you have questions.

  • Resurrect the Snack text messages! So, I accidentally deleted the database of phone numbers over the summer, so we'll have to get that set up again. Other stuff that needs to get done for this:

    • Check that Bon Appetit still updates the website and the code to grab the snack still works
    • Use the libphonenumber library to normalize phone numbers before storing in the database. Right now I am using a really bad regular expression that might not be that good.
    • Make sure that numbers get saved to the database correctly
    • Draft an email to send to everyone asking them to re-add their phone numbers.
    • Restart the cron script to run every Monday-Thursday and text out the snack If you are interested email me and I'll give you the SSH keys to investigate on the server hosting the code.
  • Use Markdown to generate the email. Markdown is a really simple syntax you can use to generate HTML. There's more details here. So I made a really dumb mistake to use this complex data format called YAML. I should have just used Markdown. This would make the email much faster to put together and much less error-prone.

  • Figure out how to show the current dining hall menus on the website, all the time, I have some ideas about how to do this, ping me

  • Update the email generation script. Just read it, it's a giant mess and there's a ton of stuff that could be done here to make it more robust/better.


  • Move all of the Python dependencies inside of the project, so you don't need Pip installs.

  • Add more API's for school-wide data - for example library due dates, availability, etc - make it really easy for other people to program CMC apps by making a really great API to get the data out.

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