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Subject: Next year
Hey everyone,
As you might know I'm graduating in May and as many people have
mentioned, it would be a shame if Good Morning CMC stopped at the end
of the year. I'm looking for someone, possibly two people to run Good
Morning CMC next year. In terms of time commitment, it's about 45
minutes a night to put the email together, plus however much time you
want to spend building new features.
You should be interested in running Good Morning CMC if:
- You want to learn how to build websites, and build cool things that your friends can use
- You want to have a kickass project
- You want to get paid (I'm talking to several different people about a
more permanent source of funding than ads)
You're probably a good fit if:
- You read Good Morning CMC
- You're interested in working in the software industry
- You like reading for fun.
- You do at least one interesting thing outside of class
I'm not that interested in reading cover letters or resumes,
so you should probably just <a href="">email
me</a> if you're interested. Bonus points if you <a
fork and submit a pull request</a> (hint: there are
instructions in the install.txt file). If you have any questions, please
find me around campus or send me an email. Hope to hear from you soon.