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from flask import Flask, g, request
from flask import render_template
from flask import make_response
from flaskext.mail import Mail, Message
from contextlib import closing
from datetime import datetime
import socket
import sqlite3
import os
import yaml
from message_all_users import TwilioMessage
def init_db(app, db_path):
'''initialize db with the given schema. WARNING: erases all data in db'''
with closing(connect_db(db_path)) as datab:
with app.open_resource(os.path.join('database', 'schema.sql')) as schema:
def connect_db(db_path):
'''return a connection to the database'''
return sqlite3.connect(db_path)
def get_execution_path():
'''return absolute path to directory containing current file'''
path_including_filename = os.path.abspath(__file__)
# get a tuple (folder, filename)
path_split_folder_name = os.path.split(path_including_filename)
# we want the folder
return path_split_folder_name[0]
def get_site_specific_info(db_path, site_name = "cmc"):
'''load current site from db.
db contains config info specific to each site, eg pomona scripps cmc.
connection = connect_db(db_path)
# this should be safe, i control the script name
query = "select * from " + site_name
cur = connection.execute(query)
the_site = cur.fetchone()
return the_site
def load_site_config(site_name = "cmc"):
"""Return a dict containing url, call to action, font color, font info, etc
Load the correct dict from the yaml config file
(the_site_name, the_site_host, the_site_port) = \
get_site_specific_info(DB_PATH, site_name)
yml = yaml.load(open(os.path.join(EXC_PATH, "config", "site.yaml")))
#name is first field in table
the_site = yml[ the_site_name ]
the_site['host'] = the_site_host
the_site['port'] = the_site_port
return the_site
APP = Flask(__name__)
EXC_PATH = get_execution_path()
# app.cfg located in goodmorningcmc/config/app.cfg
APP.config.from_pyfile(os.path.join(EXC_PATH, 'config', 'app.cfg'))
MAIL = Mail(APP)
DB_PATH = os.path.join(EXC_PATH, APP.config['DATABASE'][0], APP.config['DATABASE'][1])
# XXX this runs twice, once again when wsgi runs, need to fix
SITE = load_site_config()
SITE['the_date'] ="%A, %B %d")
def before_request():
'''initialize the database before responding to requests'''
g.db = connect_db(DB_PATH)
def after_request(response):
'''close db connection after request building finishes'''
return response
def index():
'''serve the homepage'''
weather = {}
(weather['none'], weather['image_url'], weather['high'],
weather['low'], weather['condition']) = \
g.db.execute('select * from weather').fetchone()
return render_template('mainpage.html', site=SITE, weather=weather)
def personals():
"""serve the personals page. just update fb settings"""
SITE['og_title'] = "Personals at " + SITE['title']
SITE['og_image'] = "firstdate.png"
SITE['og_url'] = "http://" + SITE['base_url'] + "/personals/"
SITE['og_description'] = "Dating for college students in Claremont, CA"
return render_template("personals.html", site=SITE)
def snack():
"""serve the snack page. just update the fb settings"""
SITE['og_title'] = "What's For Snack"
SITE['og_image'] = "taquitos.jpg"
SITE['og_url'] = ""
SITE['og_description'] = "Get a text message with the snack menu at \
10:15 every night. It's that easy."
return render_template("snack.html", site=SITE)
def store():
"""think I want to delete this soon"""
return render_template("store.html", site=SITE)
def advertise():
"""serve the ads page"""
return render_template("advertise.html", site=SITE)
def faq():
"""serve the FAQ page"""
return render_template("faq.html", site=SITE)
def css(sitename):
"""CSS contains some conditional templating based on site (colors etc.)"""
response = make_response(render_template("style.css", site=SITE))
response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/css'
return response
@APP.route("/phoneno/", methods=["POST"])
def storephone():
"""phone number posted from snack. store it in db, send confirmation msg"""
if SITE['name'] != "cmc":
return render_template('404.html', site=SITE), 404
elif request.method == "POST":
phoneno = request.form['phone']
connection = connect_db(DB_PATH)
cur = connection.execute("insert into phoneno (phoneno) values (:no)",
{"no": phoneno})
#commit the changes
msg = """Thanks for signing up for What's for Snack. Share with
friends: Unsub: reply 'u' to this number.
- Kevin"""
twimsg = TwilioMessage()
error_if_any = twimsg.send_message_to_one_user(msg, phoneno)
response = make_response(u'<html><body>'+ error_if_any
+ '</body></html>')
return response
@APP.route("/twilio/sms/", methods=["POST"])
def recvsms():
"""if it's an unsubscribe message, delete name from db, else email text
to me"""
if SITE['name'] != "cmc":
return render_template('404.html', site=SITE), 404
user_number = request.form['From']
the_text_content = request.form['Body']
the_response = u'<html><body>Hire me please! <a \
href="">Here\'s some cool stuff \
I\'m working on.</a></body></html>'
if the_text_content == "u" or the_text_content == "U" or \
the_text_content == "'u'":
#assume USA and strip leading plus and 1
user_number = user_number[2:]
import re
phone_regex = str("(\()?" + user_number[:3] + '(\))?[ -]?' + \
user_number[3:6] + "[- ]?" + user_number[6:10] + "$")
#pull all #s from db
connection = connect_db(DB_PATH)
number_list = connection.execute("select * from phoneno").fetchall()
# don't send "Unsubscribed" message twice
already_sent = False
# pull all matching numbers and delete them from the db
for pair in number_list:
number = str(pair[0])
# user could have entered their number in any one of a number of
# formats
if re.match(phone_regex, number):
connection.execute("delete from phoneno where phoneno = :no",
{"no" : number} )
msg = "Unsubscribed. Sorry to see you go - Kevin"
if not already_sent:
#text message user
twimsg = TwilioMessage()
twimsg.send_message_to_one_user(msg, user_number)
already_sent = True
response = make_response(the_response)
return response
#want to email me the text contents
recipients = ['kevin@goodmorning' + SITE['name'] + '.com']
subject = "You got a text message about Snack"
msg_body = "".join(["From: ", user_number, "\n", "Message: ",
sender = ("Kevin Burke", "")
msg = Message(subject, recipients=recipients, body=msg_body,
response = make_response(the_response)
return response
def google_webmaster_tool():
"""for google webmaster tools site verification, leave it"""
return render_template('googlea201d0fca52f349c.html')
@APP.route("/mail.php", methods=["POST"])
def mailphp():
"""handle event creation, email me"""
if request.method == 'POST':
name = request.form['name']
date = request.form['date']
the_event = request.form['the_event']
msg_body = "".join(["New event created!\n\n", "Contact Name: ", name,
"\n\n", "Date: ", date, "\n\n",
"Event Description: ", "\n\n", the_event])
the_subject = "New event for Good Morning " + \
recipients = ['kevin@goodmorning' + SITE['name'] + '.com',
'', '']
sender = ("Kevin Burke", "")
msg = Message(the_subject, recipients=recipients, body=msg_body,
response = make_response(u'<html><body>Success</body></html>')
return response
def page_not_found(error_code):
"""serve 404"""
print "serving 404..."
return render_template('404.html', site=SITE), 404
if __name__ == "__main__":
try: = SITE['host'], port = SITE['port'])
except socket.error:
print "An instance is already running on the port. Quitting."