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Hi there,
I used to run Good Morning CMC but I graduated last year. I'm writing
because this project needs some help and I'd like to offer you the opportunity
to help save it.
This was a labor of love. It takes a lot of work to write the email every day.
That said, the main reason I have an engineering job at an internet startup
right now is because of the things I learned from working on this project, more
so than CS classes. It's likely you will learn a lot from maintaining this
project as well.
I am a pretty bad programmer but I was a *really* bad programmer when I wrote
most of this. So there's a bunch of stuff that could use work, like actually
doing marketing and advertising - I made about $300 in one semester without
trying hard to advertise to people and I'm sure you could double or triple that
by getting recruiters to advertise, for example. If you'd like more examples of
ways to contribute, shoot me an email.
If you're interested in helping out, I promise to do the following:
- I will do my best to help you get an internship/full time job at a tech
company in Silicon Valley, including reviewing your resume, discussing roles
that would be a good fit, listing companies that would be a good fit for you,
and making introductions at those companies.
- I will help you learn how to update the website, schedule the emails
every night, etc.
- I will advise you on any other tech or school-related issues you are working
- You will get unlimited free Twilio credit for life :)
If you are mildly interested shoot me an email; if you are really interested,
copy the source code on Github (
and submit a pull request (, or
write the email for Friday/Monday and ask what else you need to do to send it.
Make useful things and improve yourself,
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