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Working with Oculus rating data
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oculus rating data

things you can do with this:

  • download all application data from oculus share

  • import eVRydayVR's data from the attached CSV

  • generate JSON which you can use to make pretty charts with flot (see{:target="_blank"} for examples)

There are some docs on godoc.

this is not a project I am going to commit to maintaining

I added this repo to satisfy an itch, and in the interest of reproducibility for a post on Twenty Milliseconds.

  • Do not expect prompt response to issues

  • do not expect the library to be stable over time

  • do not expect user-friendliness in the README

  • do not expect an HTTP API where this json data will be exposed

If you would like any of these things, fork the project and send me a link.

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