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Make multi-checkbox field work with new forms.

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brentonashworth committed Dec 6, 2010
1 parent 9239b62 commit 8775ef8ea654e8e2c580727854b9c80b722519d4
Showing with 116 additions and 82 deletions.
  1. +108 −71 src/sandbar/dev/forms.clj
  2. +8 −11 src/sandbar/example/forms/dev/complex.clj
@@ -166,6 +166,13 @@
:html [:textarea (merge {:name (name field-name)} options)]}
:required (true? required))))
+(defn- checkbox-label-fn [field-name title class-name]
+ (fn [t]
+ [:span {:class class-name} (or title
+ (if (map? t)
+ (get t field-name field-name)
+ t))]))
(defn checkbox
"Create a form checkbox. The first argument is the field name. The named
argument title is optional. Any other named arguments will be added to the
@@ -178,32 +185,32 @@
(checkbox :elated :title \"Elated\" :id :elated)"
[field-name & {:keys [title] :as options}]
{:type :checkbox
- :label (fn [t]
- [:span {:class "field-label"} (or title
- (if (map? t)
- (get t field-name field-name)
- t))])
+ :label (checkbox-label-fn field-name title "field-label")
:field-name field-name
:html [:input
(merge {:type "checkbox"
:name (name field-name)
:value "checkbox-true"} options)]
:required false})
-(defn- select-options [coll key-key value-key]
- (map #(vector :option {:value (key-key %)} (value-key %)) coll))
+(defn- select-options [coll key-fn value-fn props]
+ (let [value-fn (fn [m]
+ (let [v (value-fn m)]
+ (get props v (name v))))]
+ (map #(vector :option {:value (key-fn %)} (value-fn %))
+ coll)))
(defn select
"Create a form select element. The first argument is the field name. The
named arguments source value and visible are usually required:
source: The data source for select options. May be either a literal vector
or a function of the request which returns a sequence. Defaults to
- [{:id \"yes\" :name \"Yes\"} {:id \"no\" :name \"No\"}]
+ [:yes :no]
value: A function which will be applied to each element in the source list
- to obtain its value. Defaults to :id.
+ to obtain its value. Defaults to name.
visible: A function which will be applied to each element in the source list
- to obtain the visible name of each option.
+ to obtain the visible name of each option. Defaults to identity.
Other optional named arguments are title, prompt and required:
@@ -218,9 +225,9 @@
:as options}]
(let [options (dissoc options :source :prompt :value :visible :required)
source (or source
- [{:id "yes" :name "Yes"} {:id "no" :name "No"}])
- value (or value :id)
- visible (or visible :name)
+ [:yes :no])
+ value (or value name)
+ visible (or visible identity)
prompt (first prompt)
select-html [:select (merge {:name (name field-name)} options)]
select-html (if prompt
@@ -229,15 +236,16 @@
{:value (key prompt)} (val prompt)]])
- (fn [request]
+ (fn [request properties]
(select-options (if (fn? source)
(source request)
- visible))))]
+ visible
+ properties))))]
(assoc {:type :select
:label (fn [t r]
(field-label (or title t) field-name r))
@@ -250,24 +258,26 @@
[:div {:class "group"}
(map #(vector :div {:class "group-checkbox"} %) coll)])
-#_(defn multi-checkbox
- ([props many-spec]
- (multi-checkbox props
- (:alias many-spec)
- ((:all-items many-spec))
- (:name-fn many-spec)))
- ([props fname coll value-fn]
- {:type :multi-checkbox
- :label [:span {:class "group-title"} (property-lookup props fname)]
- :field-name fname
- :html (wrap-checkboxes-in-group
+(defn multi-checkbox
+ "Create a form multi-checkbox, which is a group of checkboxes."
+ [field-name & {:keys [title source value visible] :as options}]
+ (let [source (or source [:red :blue :green])
+ value-fn (or value name)
+ visible-fn (or visible identity)]
+ {:type :multi-checkbox
+ :label (checkbox-label-fn field-name title "group-title")
+ :field-name field-name
+ :html (fn [request properties]
+ (wrap-checkboxes-in-group
- #(let [value (value-fn %)]
+ #(let [value (value-fn %)
+ visible (visible-fn %)]
- {:type "checkbox" :name fname :value value}
- (property-lookup props (keyword value))])
- coll))
- :value-fn value-fn}))
+ {:type "checkbox" :name field-name :value value}
+ (property-lookup properties (keyword visible))])
+ (if (fn? source)
+ (source request)
+ source))))}))
#_(defn multi-select [title fname coll kv & optional]
(let [kv (dissoc kv :prompt)
@@ -384,41 +394,46 @@
;; Marshal and Binding data
-(defn get-yes-no-fields
+(defn checkbox->boolean
"Get Y or N values for all keys in cb-set. These keys represent checkboxes
which must have either Y or N value. If the checkbox is not present then
is was not selected and is a N."
- [m params cb-set]
+ [m params key-set]
(let [new-map (reduce
(fn [a b]
(let [k (key b)
k (if (keyword? k) k (keyword k))]
- (if (and (contains? cb-set k)
+ (if (and (contains? key-set k)
(= "checkbox-true" (val b)))
- (assoc a k "Y")
+ (assoc a k true)
- (reduce (fn [a b] (if (b a) a (assoc a b "N")))
+ (reduce (fn [a b] (if (b a) a (assoc a b false)))
- cb-set)))
-(defn get-multi-checkbox
- "Add the key k to the map m where the value of k is is a vector of
- selected values."
- [m params k all-values name-fn]
- (let [v (get-param params k)
- selected-values (set (filter-nil-vec (if (or (number? v)
- (string? v)) [v] v)))
- selected (filter #(contains? selected-values (name-fn %)) all-values)]
- (assoc m k selected)))
+ key-set)))
+(defn add-missing-multi-checkboxes
+ "Insure that there is a key for each multi-checkbox. Add an empty list for
+ any multi-checkbox that is missing from the params."
+ [m params key-set]
+ (reduce (fn [form-data next-multi]
+ (let [values (next-multi form-data)
+ values (cond (sequential? values)
+ (vec values)
+ (not (nil? values))
+ [values]
+ :else [])]
+ (assoc form-data next-multi values)))
+ m
+ key-set))
(defn get-multi-select
"Add the key k to the map m where the value of k is a vector of
selected values."
[m params k all-values name-fn & more]
(let [name-fn (if (map? name-fn) (key (first name-fn)) name-fn)]
- (get-multi-checkbox m params k all-values name-fn)))
+ (add-missing-multi-checkboxes m params k all-values name-fn)))
(defn- set-form-field-value* [form-state input-field update-fn]
(let [field-name (:field-name input-field)
@@ -456,10 +471,11 @@
(fn [previous-value html]
- (assoc input-field :html
- (vector :input (if (= previous-value "Y")
- (assoc (last html) :checked "true")
- (last html)))))))
+ (let [truthy #{"Y" "y" "yes" :yes true}]
+ (assoc input-field :html
+ (vector :input (if (contains? truthy previous-value)
+ (assoc (last html) :checked "true")
+ (last html))))))))
(defmethod set-form-field-value :textarea [form-state input-field]
@@ -473,7 +489,7 @@
input-html (:html input-field)
previous-val ((keyword field-name) (:form-data form-state))
values (if (coll? previous-val)
- (map #((:value-fn input-field) %) previous-val)
+ previous-val
(if (seq values)
(assoc input-field :html
@@ -491,17 +507,16 @@
(defmethod set-form-field-value :multi-checkbox [form-state input-field]
- (let [title (:label input-field)
- checkboxes (map last (last (:html input-field)))
+ (let [checkboxes (map last (last (:html input-field)))
field-name (:field-name input-field)
field-value (field-name (:form-data form-state))
- value-set (set (map #((:value-fn input-field) %) field-value))
+ value-set (set field-value)
new-checkboxes (map #(vector :input
(let [attrs (second %)]
(if (contains? value-set
- (:value attrs))
- (assoc attrs :checked "true")
- attrs))
+ (:value attrs))
+ (assoc attrs :checked "true")
+ attrs))
(last %))
(assoc input-field :html
@@ -567,11 +582,12 @@
-#_(defmethod create-form-field-cell :multi-checkbox [form-state m props]
+(defmethod create-form-field-cell :multi-checkbox [form-state m props]
(let [{:keys [_ label field-name html]} m
error-message (first (field-name form-state))
field-row (filter-nil-vec
- (:html (set-form-field-value form-state m)))]
+ (:html (set-form-field-value form-state m)))
+ label (label props)]
(if error-message
[:div.error-message error-message]
@@ -599,7 +615,12 @@
(defmethod create-hidden-field :checkbox [form-state m]
[:input {:type "hidden"
- :name "__checkboxes"
+ :name "_checkboxes"
+ :value (:field-name m)}])
+(defmethod create-hidden-field :multi-checkbox [form-state m]
+ [:input {:type "hidden"
+ :name "_multi-checkboxes"
:value (:field-name m)}])
(def one-column-layout (repeat 1))
@@ -627,8 +648,8 @@
(filter #(not (= (:type %) :hidden)) coll))))]
(vec (concat the-form
(map #(create-hidden-field form-state %)
- (filter #(or (= (:type %) :hidden)
- (= (:type %) :checkbox)) coll))))))
+ (let [hidden-types #{:hidden :checkbox :multi-checkbox}]
+ (filter #(contains? hidden-types (:type %)) coll)))))))
(defn form-layout-grid
([form-name coll request]
@@ -682,17 +703,32 @@
(fn [params]
(let [keys (map keyword (keys params))
- checkboxes (get-param params :__checkboxes)
+ marshal (fn [m] (dissoc m :submit :* :_method))
+ ;; Get checkboxes
+ checkboxes (get-param params :_checkboxes)
checkboxes (when checkboxes
(set (map keyword (if (sequential? checkboxes)
- marshal (fn [m] (dissoc m :submit :*))
marshal (if checkboxes
(fn [m] (-> m
- (dissoc :__checkboxes)
- (get-yes-no-fields params checkboxes)))
+ (dissoc :_checkboxes)
+ (checkbox->boolean params checkboxes)))
+ marshal)
+ ;; Get multi-checkboxes
+ multi-cb (get-param params :_multi-checkboxes)
+ multi-cb (when multi-cb
+ (set (map keyword (if (sequential? multi-cb)
+ multi-cb
+ [multi-cb]))))
+ marshal (if multi-cb
+ (fn [m] (-> m
+ marshal
+ (dissoc :_multi-checkboxes)
+ (add-missing-multi-checkboxes params
+ multi-cb)))
(-> (get-params keys params)
@@ -713,6 +749,7 @@
(let [form-data (marshal params)
failure (get (-> request :headers) "referer")]
+ (println "marshaled form-data:" (str form-data))
(if-valid validator form-data
(store-errors-and-redirect name failure)))))))
@@ -731,10 +768,10 @@
function of the request which generates that structure. This function will
ensure that all such functions have been called and that all html values
are generated."
- [fields request]
+ [fields request properties]
(vec (map #(let [html (:html %)
html (if (fn? html)
- (html request)
+ (html request properties)
(assoc % :html html))
@@ -766,7 +803,7 @@
fields (-> (cond (vector? fields) fields
(fn? fields) (fields request form-data))
(set-required validator)
- (actualize-html request))
+ (actualize-html request properties))
style (or style :default)
route-params (:route-params request)]
(template style
@@ -67,9 +67,6 @@
(forms/get-multi-select params :languages (db/all-langs) :id)
-;; Add a bindings option that can be used with multi-checkbox, select
-;; and multi-select.
(defform user-form
"Form for managing users."
;; don't know if passing the form-data is such a good idea when
@@ -80,10 +77,10 @@
(textfield :last-name)
(textfield :email)
(checkbox :account-enabled)
- #_(forms/multi-checkbox properties
- :roles
- (db/all-roles)
- identity)
+ (multi-checkbox :roles
+ :source (db/all-roles)
+ :value name
+ :visible name)
(select :region
:source (db/all-regions)
:prompt {"" "Select a Region"}
@@ -95,8 +92,6 @@
{:id :name})
(textarea :notes :rows 5 :cols 80)]
:buttons [[:save] [:cancel]]
- ;; the load function should be a function of the params so that
- ;; you don't have to depend on :id being there.
:load #(db/fetch %)
;; marshal will be passed a function that can wrap the generated
;; marshal function.
@@ -114,8 +109,10 @@
:title (fn [request] (if (get (-> request :params) "id")
"Edit User"
"Create User"))
- :layout [1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1]
- :defaults {:email "unknown"
+ :layout [1 1 2 1 1 1]
+ ;; defaults will need to specified in terms of the forms
+ ;; representation not the external data
+ #_:defaults #_{:email "unknown"
:roles [:user]
:account-enabled "Y"
:languages [{:id 1 :name "Clojure"}]}

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