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/* vim: set sts=2 sw=2 ts=8: */
#include "RMITable.h"
#include "RMITableEntry.h"
#include <assert.h>
using namespace std;
// redeclare the static variable
map<string, const RMITableEntry* > RMITable::remoteEntryMap;
RMITable::RMITable() {
void RMITable::addEntry(string uniqueID, RMITableEntry const* RMITableEntry){
// two ways to do the same thing !!
// remoteEntryMap.insert(pair<string, RMITableEntry* >(uniqueID, RMITableEntry) );
remoteEntryMap.insert(RemoteEntryMap::value_type(uniqueID, RMITableEntry));
const RMITableEntry* RMITable::getEntry(string uniqueID) {
RemoteEntryMap::iterator it;
const RMITableEntry* entry;
it = remoteEntryMap.find(uniqueID);
if (it != remoteEntryMap.end()) {
entry = (*it).second;
} else {
// handle the error case
assert(entry != NULL);
return const_cast<RMITableEntry *>(entry);
RMITable::~RMITable() {
RemoteEntryMap::iterator it;
for (it = remoteEntryMap.begin(); it != remoteEntryMap.end(); it++)
delete it->second;
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