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formBuilder is open source to the core and contributions are always welcome. In this document we'll cover some dependencies and installation process to get your local development environment up and running.


To develop for formBuilder you'll need:

Recommended Tooling

While not required, the following tools are recommended to maintain code quality and consistency in style.


Navigate to the directory you'll be working from and run:

git clone form-builder
cd form-builder
npm install

The above code will clone the repo, install the required node_modules and run the default gulp task. You should now have a locally running version of the formBuilder demo.

Getting Started

If you've followed the above steps you're ready to start making changes. All changes to the plugin should be made in the /src directory. The gulp build process will transpile, lint and concatenate the contents of /src into the files found in /dist. Any changes made in the /dist will be lost once the build process is run.

For more information on build processes, editing fonts or adding custom fields please see the documentation here.


Windows users, remember to configure your line endings with core.autocrlf. More info here

$ git config --global core.autocrlf true
# Configure Git on Windows to properly handle line endings