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Skipping plugins in ~/.janus.rake

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@@ -62,6 +62,15 @@ If you want to add additional Vim plugins you can do so by adding a
vim_plugin_task "zencoding", "git://"
vim_plugin_task "minibufexpl", "git://"
+If you do not wish to use one of the plugins Janus provides out of the
+box you can have it skipped using the `skip_plugin_task` method in
+ skip_plugin_task "color-sampler"
+**Note**: Skipping the plugin will only apply to installation. It won't
+remove configurations or mappings Janus might have added for it.
## Updating to the latest version
To update to the latest version of the distribution, just run `rake`
@@ -120,6 +120,10 @@ def vim_plugin_task(name, repo=nil)
task :default => name
+def skip_vim_plugin(name)
+ Rake::Task[:default].prerequisites.delete(name)
vim_plugin_task "ack.vim", "git://"
vim_plugin_task "color-sampler", "git://"
vim_plugin_task "conque", ""

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