Dumps statistics from sysstat into journald.
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Take advantage of journald's stuctured logging to dump your system info. This script runs uses sysstat (sar and frieds) to collect system information for a period of time then dumps the results into the journal after some name mangeling to make journald happy.

Note that because there is no MESSAGE field it wouldn't show up by default, you can use journalctl MESSAGE_ID=847dc86c90f14ba7a864b05afdffd5d7 -overbsoe to see the statistics.

This tool works great on a timer or in a loop to collect periodic information about system load, disk usage or whatever else sysstat can monitor. I run it every 10 seconds so I can make some pretty graphs.


On nixos the following packages are required:

  • coreutils
  • gawk
  • sysstat
  • utillinux (built with systemd support)