Personal blog to write dumb things and show off projects.
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The Kevin Crane Blog

Personal blog to write dumb things and show off projects.

##Notes For Kevin

  • Steps to deploy:
    • Code locally, push to origin
    • fab deploy (should be totally it)
    • fab backup_db (periodically, very important; should probably automate someday)
    • Possibly need to migrate the DB with ./ db upgrade [AND/OR] migrate, though hopefully not past the first time
  • Provision a new Ubuntu machine:
    • fab install
    • Afterwards, make sure DB set up, migrations set up
  • Checklist for adding new Flask app to site (e.g. personal playground project):
    • New python package (w/ views, models)
    • New folder in /templates
    • Register a blueprint in
    • Add to navbar (or a new dropdown)
    • ./ db migrate (once after new models added)


  • Search indexing
  • SSL token
  • Email form to get updates about new posts
  • Change bootstrap CSS file (don't use Flatly theme, make smaller, customize pieces that are included)
  • Custom FontAwesome set (only choose icons I need, make smaller)
  • Occasional automated security screening (e.g.
  • Change moment.js to just generic date data (12/24/2014)
  • Automatically backup DB data daily or weekly
  • Install Piwik on own server