A "weekend project" that simplifies the process of writing real letters to your government representatives.
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Mail A Rep

Kevin Crane

Email me at: kevincrane@gmail.com
I write things at: thekevincrane.com


This is a "weekend project" to simplify the process of writing to your Congressional representatives. When you write to your representative, you are more likely to be hear if you send a physical letter, rather than an email. Unfortunately, people often don't have the time or energy to write the letter, print it, address an envelope, find stamps, and make it to the post office.

Mail A Rep is built to help you get your voice heard. The low price of $PRICE will cover all of the expenses of printing, preparing, and sending your letter to your representative. In addition, 25% of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice!


  • This project was inspired by the recent NSA/PRISM leaks. My emails to my representatives and the president felt ineffectual, and I wanted to make it easier to let my voice be heard through a more meaningful channel.
  • This is also doubling as a learning experience for me, teaching me:
    • Full-stack web development
    • Site design
    • Dev-ops
    • How to follow through on a product idea from design to deployment
    • How to accept payments
    • Marketing the site
    • Supporting the site after launch
  • $PRICE = $2.00? $1.75?
  • $CHARITIES = {EFF, ACLU, Red Cross, AARP, NAACP, left/right wing groups; pick 6-8 non-profits that make a real difference}