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some more tiny tweaks before release

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Revision history for App-Midgen
-0.17_03 2013-03-23
+0.18 2013-03-24
- spelling mauke++
- refactor option names, inspired by mauke++
- changed default output, no extra processing, only distribution version
for modules without a version number mst++
- Add cmd option to show dual-line module versions
- All extra passing is now done in via experimental option
+ - Add ablity to read options from ~/.midgenrc and write as well.
- Add color to experimental output only via Term-ANSIColor
0.16 2013-03-17
@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ suggest you incorporate it with core for maximum affect
=item B<--write or -w>
-you can now write your current options to ~/.midgenrc in JSON format
+You can now write your current options to ~/.midgenrc in JSON format
(core, dual_life, format, zero),
to be used again. I you want to edit your ~./midgenrc file,
you could use the Getopt --no-option to negate an option,

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