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generate the requires and test requires for Makefile.PL so you can check you have all your module dependences

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Generate or Check the 'requires' and 'test requires' for Makefile.PL

This started out as a way of generating the core for a Module::Install::DSL Makefile.PL, why DSL because it's nice and clean, so now I can generate the contents when I want, rather than as I add new use and require statments, and because adam kicked me :)

Version: 0.09_02


Change to the root of the package you want to scan and run


Now with a added Getopt --help or -?

midgen -?

Usage: midgen [options]

   --help        brief help message
   --output      change format
   --core        show perl core modules
   --verbose     take a little peek as to what is going on
   --base        Don't check for base includes
   --mojo        Don't be Mojo friendly
   --debug       lots of stuff


--help or -h or -?
    Print a brief help message and exits.

--output or -o
    By default we do 'dsl' -> Module::Include::DSL

     midgen -o dsl      # Module::Include::DSL
     midgen -o mi       # Module::Include
     midgen -o build    # Build.PL
     midgen -o dzil     # Dist::Zilla
     midgen -o dist     # dist.ini

--core or -c
     * Shows modules that are in Perl core
     * some modules have a version number eg; constant, Carp
     * some have a version of 0 eg; strict, English

--verbose or -v
    Show file that are being checked

    also show contents of base|parent check

--parent or -p
    alternative --base or -b

    Turn Off - try to include the contents of base|parent modules as

--mojo or -m
    Turn Off - the /Mojo/ to Mojolicious catch

--noisy_children or -n
     * Show a required modules noisy children, as we find them

--twins or -t
     * Show a modules that are twins as we find them, and ajust for there parient instead

--debug or -d
    equivalent of -cv and some :)
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