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midgen --write or -w

You can now write your current options to ~/.midgenrc in JSON format, only the following are supported.

  • dual_life - show dual-life modules.
  • core - show perl core and dual-life modules.
  • zero - show core modules with 0 as a version string.
  • format - your preferred output format, it's your choice.


midgen -lwf cpanfile

will see the following added to output showing the write has been successful.


Then the next time you just need to do midgen to get midgen -lf cpanfile

Over-right options

The command line dominates, so if you did not want --dual_life, you could do the following.

midgen -no--dual_life

to get midgen -f cpanfile

the joy of GetOpt :)

Delete / Edit

I you want to edit your ~./midgenrc file, you could use the Getopt --no-option to negate an option, or you can edit/delete the file, your choice.

midgen --no-z -w