Client Emulator Overview

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Client Emulator Overview

The Client GUIs function is to emulate an application, to aide in the development of the Bullwinkle protocol.

  • Produce a selection of static messages
  • Show messages in expanded JSON
  • Allow the manipulation of messages to aide in development
  • Display the message responses from the server

Snapshot of Client

Client is a Wx::Frame which can be expanded in the normal way. Showing a Status request message, note the original perl -> JSON, and the response from the server. All JSON is displayed in expanded form for human consumption.

quick overview, we will start at the top and work down.

  • Menu Bar
  • Client-Perl - Client-JSON
  • Server-JSON - Server-Perl
  • Status Bar

The four windows are editable, so you can cut and past and run manually

Menu Bar

All of the actions accessed via the menu run to completion automaticly

  • Server - commands intended only for the server

    • Connect - this enables us to start the client gui, irrespective of a running server
    • Disconnect
    • Status - as shown above
    • Quit - send a kill message to server and disconnect
  • Commands - A typical message group

Client - Window Messages (out-bound)

window top left Perl code

  • The Encode Button - manual single step

window top right JSON code

  • The Send Button - manual single step

Server - Window Messages (in-bound)

window bottom left JSON code from server

  • The Decode Button - manual single step

window bottom right Perl code

Status Bar

This is used to display info, as well connection status