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Explorable Earthquakes

Based on the example here

I had a lot of fun building this for the Watson Cognitive Tutor, a project done by The IBM Watson Education team who worked with a classroom to help prepare 9th graders for their New York Regents exams. I used the Tangle.js library to build the reactive sliders, and I used Javascript canvas to illustrate the traveling waves and the Cartesian plot. I also used a creative ananlogy to describe the life of an anthropomorphic earthquake sensor, which may help more students with a more kinesthetic learning style.

This was my first time making an interactive, reactive educational interface, so there are a few improvements I know I could make

  • better description at the beginning (although this was used in conjunction with a lesson plan, so the kids would have some background).

Running locally

http-server -p 8333

use browser to visit localhost:8333

Important Files

main.js -- calls initialization functions for various worksheets (which are defined in filter.js, park.js, etc)

earthquake.js -- initialization function for filter, which includes initialize and update behavior -- set 'model' values -- adds a worksheet to Tangle, with various values

controls.js -- defines behavior for various button presses and interactive elements

views.js -- defines behavior for html elements

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