A symfony plugin that is designed to ease connecting Facebook with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin. Similar aims to sfFacebookConnectPlugin but using the new Graph API
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By Kevin Dew <kev@dewsolutions.co.uk>

This plugin is to allow the integration of Facebook with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
using the Facebook graph API.

This plugin helps a developer allow users to login with their Facebook accounts.
It is designed to support both normal accounts and Facebook Accounts. It also
aids accessing the Facebook Graph API

It is heavily based on sfFacebookConnectPlugin by Fabrice Bernhard. I began
working on forking this plugin to support the Graph API but too much
backwards compatibility would have been lost.

This plugin is less flexible than sfFacebookConnect. It is for developing
web applications outside of Facebook, and doesn't have canvas support (This is
because this does not appear in the Graph API)

It is also requires Doctrine and is not currently compatible with Propel Apps.
It is has been developed only on Symfony 1.4 in a rush so probably has bugs.


  * Install the plugin via putting the repo in your plugins directory and
    activating it by adding $this->enablePlugins('sfFacebookGraphPlugin'); to
    the setup() method of your ProjectConfiguration class

  * Create an application on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/developers/

  * Modify your app.yml files to override the plugins config (must override
    the application id/secret/key)
  * Enable the sfFacebookGraphAuth module

  * Alter the myUser class to extend sfFacebookGraphUser

  * Add the filter to your filters.yml above security (and remember me if thats
          class: sfFacebookGraphLoginStatusFilter
  * Clear symfony cache and build all and load

  * To test things out enable the sfFacebookGraphDemo and go to /facebook/demo