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@@ -14,12 +14,16 @@ device, or is a bot (such as Google). It was composed by using techniques gather
several other libraries/gems in an effort to be consistent and cover as many types
of agents as possible.
-== Status
+== Project Status
-=== Improvement stage.
+=== Stable, but needs improvement.
-This library is not yet testable but does function. Please contact me if you'd like
-to participate.
+This library does detect the requesting user (device, platform, os, framework, and browser with versions)
+and now has some rpsec tests. While it is stable and no large restructuring is planned, it can use
+some optimizations and improvements to the detection algorithms. The techniques currently in place
+are rather simple, and not perfect (for example, it is currently confused if it sees both Chrome and
+Safari in user agent string, and doesn't pick based on order of appearance). If you'd like to help,
+please contact me.
== Installation
@@ -146,9 +150,16 @@ AgentOrange::Version
== Maintainer
-* Kevin Elliott -
+* Kevin Elliott - -
* WeLike - -
+== Contributors
+A warm thank you to all contributors to the project, who have put effort and time into making this gem more useful.
+* David Rice (davidjrice) - RSpec tests and bug fixes.
+* Joshua Siler (eatenbyagrue) - Bot detection, initial test, and bug fixes.
== License
(The MIT License)

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