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To run locally, do the usual::
1. Create a virtualenv
2. Install dependencies::
pip install -r deploy-requirements.txt
If you only need to deploy, and don't need to test any changes,
you can use local-requirements.txt
3. Set up databases, as per django_website/settings/
4. Create a 'secrets.json' file in the directoy above the checkout, containing
something like::
{ "secret_key": "xyz",
"superfeedr_creds": ["", "some_string"] }
5. Set up DB::
./ syncdb
./ migrate
./ syncdb --docs
if you want to run docs site.
6. For docs::
./ loaddata doc_releases.json --docs
./ update_docs --docs
python runserver
This runs as ````. To run locally as
````, use::
python runserver
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