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StealJS is a collection of command line and JavaScript client utilities that make building, packaging, and sharing JavaScript applications easy.


Behold StealJS's goodies:

Dependency Management ([steal])

[steal] loads JS and other file into your app. Features:

  • Loads JavaScript, CSS, Less, CoffeeScript, and a variety of client-side templates.
  • Can be use with scripts that don't use steal.

    steal('widgets/tabs.js', './style.css', function(){ $('#tabs ).tabs();

JS/CSS Concatenation and Compression ([])

The [] plugin combines an application's files into a single minified JavaScript and CSS file extremely easy. Features:

  • Configurable compressors (defaults to Google Closure).
  • Compresses Less and CoffeeScript.
  • Pre-processes and compresses client-side templates (templates don't have to be parsed).

@codestart text js steal/buildjs mypage.html @codeend

Logging ([])

[] logs messages cross browser. Messages are removed in production builds.'something is happening');

Code Generators ([steal.generate])

[steal.generate] makes building code generators extremely easy. Features:

  • Pre-packaged JMVC style code generators.
  • Easily author custom generators.

@codestart text js jquery/generate/app cookbook @codeend

Package Management ([steal.get])

[steal.get] is a simple JavaScript version of [ ruby gems] featuring:

  • Download and install plugins from remote SVN or GIT repositories.
  • Installs dependencies.

@codestart text js steal/getjs @codeend

Code Cleaner ([steal.clean])

[steal.clean] cleans your code and checks it against JSLint.

@codestart text js steal/clean path/to/page.html @codeend

Searchable Ajax Apps ([steal.html])

[steal.html] makes Google-crawlable html from your ajax app.

@codestart text js steal/htmljs http://localhost/cookbook.html#recipes @codeend

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