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Bellissima is a open-source collection of useful resources for Web/iOS developers and designers, organized in the following categories:


Package Manager
Build Manager
Essential Gulp Plugins
Text Editor
  • Coda 2 - Good for switcing pages
  • Atom - A open-source text editor, great for customization, syntax highlighting and projects with directory trees

Frontend Web Development

JS Animation Library
  • Velocity.js - A powerful and heavyweight JS animation library
  • Anime.js - A easy-to-use lightweight JS animation library
  • Magic Animations - Interesting JS animations
  • Wow.js - Scroll-detect animations, great compatibility with Animate.css
CSS Animation Library
CSS Gradient
CSS Grid Layout
Easing Functions
Parallax Effect
  • Rellax - A lightweight library for full page scroll parallax effect
  • Parallax by Matthew Wagerfield - A powerful library for mouse over parallax effects. Reacts to the orientation of a smart device too
Lazy Loading
Grid Layout
Image Compressor
File Minifier
Favicon Generator

Backend Web Development


UI Softwares
  • Sketch - The most popular UI design software
  • Photoshop - Heavyweight, but good for image processing
  • Framer.js - Prototyping shared by Url, coded in CoffeeScript
  • inVision - No code needed
  • Origami - A prototyping plugin by Facebook
  • Muzli - A browser extension that send you the latest design inspirations on your home page
  • Dribbble - The Github of designers
  • Medium - To read every designer's blog
Top Digital Design Agency

Type Foundaries

Here are some of the typeface foundaries I frequently follow and get my inspirations from.

Foundary Favorite fonts
Milieu Grotesque Maison Neue
Lineto Akkurat
Colophon Aperçu, Burgess
Swiss Typefaces Euclid, SangBleu
Klim Type Foundry Domaine Series, Metric
Google Fonts Montserrat, Roboto, Open Sans Condensed, Lato, Fira Sans Condensed, Quattrocento Sans

I have to mention Google Fonts in the end. That is the only free fonts resource above. Great selection and speed though. For more typeface inspirations, One of my favorite designers Tobias Van Schneider has a great article on this topic.

UI Softwares
  • Sketch - The most popular UI design software
  • Photoshop - Heavyweight, but good for image processing


  • Backend
  • iOS