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Over a decade on *the internets* and I still don't know how to write *about me*

{{< sidebyside >}} {{< right class="wide" >}} Hello unknown reader,

my name is Kevin Gimbel and you've reached my corner of the world wide web. 👴

I'm actually not that old tho, I'm in my mid twenties and I somehow ended up in the world of (cloud) computing. I'm interested in Rust (a safe and fast programming language), Sci-Fi, dystopia books, fantasy worlds (Divinity, Elder Scrolls, Dungeons & Dragons), and video and boardgames.

I tent to start a lot of things and pursue a lot of different interests when I'm in a rush, but usually not much of it stays with me; Over the past year I briefly started manufacturing solid perfumes, for example. I usually always have something to do, be it a side-project or family life; Somethings's always up.

I love reading books but I never take enough time for it and so it happens that I read multiple books "at the same time" over a year or more. Self care may not be my strong suite, tho it is incredibly important.

Some years ago I was actively using social media, especially Twitter, but my interest has faded over the years. Nowadays the best place to catch me is on Mastodon tho I'm reading more than writing.

Here's a glitched image of me. {{</ right >}} {{< left class="small">}} "Image of me in a club in Budapest, highly glitched and edited" {{</ left >}} {{</ sidebyside >}}

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