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#Can You Read It Now? ##JQuery plug-in for analyzing visual readability of text on the Web

Can You Read It Now (or CYRIN) provides the numerical basis for implementing features related to the visual readability (not the reading comprehension level) of text on the web. CYRIN powers the bookmarklet of the same name.

##How it works This plug-in takes the set of target elements and evaulates each separately for visual readability. As each child element is evaluated, it is weighted by its character count against its siblings. This makes summation of elements straightforward and some metrics translate into scores more easily than would otherwise be possible.

##Using CYRIN

###License As stated in the LICENSE file, Can You Read It Now is released under the MIT License meaning that:

  • Contributions are welcome
  • Use it anywhere you want (commercial or non-commercial projects)
  • Modify it if you please
  • You don't have to give changes you make to the canonical repository, but that'd be swell

##Future plans / welcome contributions The metrics and scores output by CYRIN are usually pretty reasonable, but:

  • The performance could be improved
  • There are more aspects to visual readability than are currently represented
  • Existing aspects of visual readability could use further refinement
  • Test coverage is mediocre

##Contributing Contributions are readily accepted with good example specs and changes to fulfill them.

  • Install PhantomJS: brew install phantomjs (homebrew on OSX, other platforms see homepage)
  • Install Grunt: npm install -g grunt
  • Install Grunt-Jasmine-Task: npm install (package.json identifies the correct version)
  • Running grunt in the root project directory will lint the source, run the Jasmine specs, and update the development and minified versions in /deployable. Make sure this process succeeds before making a pull request.
  • For browser-specific issues, open test/SpecRunner.html in that browser and see where things went wrong.


jQuery plug-in for analyzing visual readability of text on the Web







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