JavaScript connection game with real-time scoring
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Link ThreeSix

Play Link ThreeSix

This is a two player game. Alternating turns, each player places their mark on a single board square, until the board is filled.

Player 1: Blue X's, Player 2: Red O's

Your objective is to make links of 3 in a row, or more. Links can be made horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Link Scoring: 3 in a row: 1 point 4 in a row: 3 points 5 in a row: 10 points 6 in a row: 20 points

The game is scored in real time, after every move. The Game Score board highlights the current game leader.

After each game, the Total Wins board updates to reflect the winner of the current game, and keeps track of the entire match.

The first player to win 3 single games, wins the match!

The next steps including creating a computer opponent, and integrating this with an AI learning algorithm. If you are interested in working on a part of the computer game logic, please fork!


Author: Kevin Smith

Technologies: JavaScript, Backbone.js, Gumby CSS


Copyright 2013 Kevin Smith