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Code Challenges

Various algorithm and code problems, for both fun and interview preparation.

Get started

npm install # Install project dependencies
grunt test  # Run QUnint tests from the command line

Add a New Challenge

To add a new code challenge to this repo, first define the challenge in the problems folder. Create a new sub-folder with the challenge name, then add a descriptive README to that folder.

For the solution, add it to the solutions folder, under the correct language sub-folder.

Javascript Solutions

All JS solutions should follow the module definition pattern using require.js. For testing purposes, it is best to return a method containing your solution function.

define(function () {
    return {
        mySolutionMethod: function(args) {
            // solution goes here
            return something;

Javascript Testing

JS unit testing is done with QUnit.

To add a new unit test for your challenge solution, add a new js file to the tests folder, under the correct language subfolder. New unit tests should require the solution file, following this module definition pattern:

function(mySolution) {
    module('mySolution Tests', {
        setup: function() {
            // setup tasks
        teardown: function() {
            document.getElementById('qunit-fixture').innerHTML = '';

    var testOutput = mySolution.mySolutionMethod('input');

    test('My Solution', function() {
        equal(testOutput, 'input, 'mySolution works correctly!');

New unit tests should then be included in the require array of tests/tests.js.

To use the QUnit in-browser UI, open tests/tests.html in your browser. Unit tests can also be run in a headless state (using PhantomJS) from the command line:

grunt test  # Run QUnint tests from the command line


Inspiration from Blake Embry: