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faiNumber-Fortran is a fast, flexible, and secured numerical library for Fortran.

faiNumber-Fortran mainly deals with converting numerical strings to a value of an int data type, converting a value of an int data type to a numerical string, validating numerical strings or comparing strings pertain to the mathematical aspect.

Be it whether if it is an overflow, empty strings where it shouldn't be, or an invalid input, faiNumber-Fortran's procedures were designed to always give a notification when an error has occurred where it is possible to have an error. Also, faiNumber-Fortran number parsers are secured against invalid format such as " 1 1 ", " 2 b", and so on. Those formats are parsable and will not yield an error if use the built-in read() procedure (tested on gfortran8, from legacy up to Fortran 2018). Thus, faiNumber-Fortran library is a secured library.

faiNumber-Fortran is also flexible when it comes to numerical strings parsing. The input strings can either be trimmed or untrimed of both leading and trailing whitespaces. An optional startpos and endpos implementation also give the flexibility of where to start in the strings. faiNumber-Fortran also provides procedures for comparing numerical strings of unlimited length (constrain by memory and time) length. When it comes to errors, faiNumber-Fortran give back an error code or an error status so that the user can handle errors based on their specific needs.

faiNumber-Fortran is an extremely fast numerical library. For Fortran, faiNumber-Fortran may be the fastest library for numerical string parsing. faiNumber-Fortran decimal integer strings parser is faster than the built-in read() procedure. All other procedures of faiNumber-Fortran are also very fast, and faiNumber-Fortran always thrive to make them faster, if possible.

faiNumber-Fortran is written purely in Fortran, there isn't any other code nor preprocessor from another language. This library also does not have any dependency. faiNumber-Fortran was also written to provide support to older(legacy, f95, f2003) versions of Fortran.

This library does not remove any API that was released in any final build versions without a notice spanning 3 major release versions.

Before using some of the procedures of this library, it is recommended to read the documentation for what they do before using them as some of the procedures of this library were built for expert usage. The previous is especially true for any assume**** procedures that provide by this library.





Released Versions

1.0.0.f (Documentation)
1n.0.0.f (Documentation)