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A fast and secure numerical library for Javascript.
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faiNumber-JS is a numerical library for Javascript.

faiNumber-JS mainly deals with converting strings of number to number type and numerically comparing strings.

This library is a safe library and will only parse values for strings within the range of Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER and Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER (The safe range). For strings with values that outside of "the safe range", this library will return undefined when parsing them to values of type number.

Currently, faiNumber-JS supports converting numerical strings of radix 2, 3, 8, 10, 16 to values of type number.

When it come to comparing integer strings beyond the safe range, this library supports comparing strings of any length(bound by memory limitation) of integer values of any radix between 2 to 36 without needing to convert them to type number values.

faiNumber-JS library does support nodeJS and can be imported as modules into nodeJS projects.

One of faiNumber-JS goals is to be able to provide support for all numbering systems between 2 and 36. Future support for float is also another goal of this library.

This library does not have any dependency and will maintain that way as that is also one of this library goal.

This library does not remove any API that was released in any final build versions without a notice spanning 3 major release versions.

Before using some of the methods of this library, it is recommended to read the documentation for what they do before using them as some of the methods of this library were built for expert usage. The previous is especially true for any assume**** methods that provide by this library.




faiNumber's API Documentation



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