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opencore amr codec for android
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An opencore amr codec JNI wrapper with explanation, And one solution for packaging amr audio files.


QQ tribe for help: 453503476


  • opencore is the multimedia framework of android, which is a originallly contributed by PacketVideo.
  • amr is abbreviation for Adaptive Multi-Rate audio codec, which is an audio compression format optimized for speech coding.
  • opencore-amr is extracted from opencore as an codec for amr<->pcm encode/decode

What Is This

  • opencore-amr-dndroid is a wrapper for handy usage. You can usage wrapped api in Android Application without any troubles of writing c++ wrapper or ndk mk file.
  • amr project offer a solution for packaging amr audio files, in elegant code structure.


Android Studio

  • Add jcenter as your repository in project's build.gradle:

    allprojects {
          repositories {
              jcenter()//this is the default setting
  • Add dependency in your module's build.gradle:

    dependencies {
          compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
          compile 'io.kvh:amr:1.1.1'//this is the lib

    OR: Copy the content if Codec/amr to your module, as follows:



Copy the content if Codec/amr to your project:

Copy content of libs and src to the corresponding folder

Quick Start Up

  • encode

int mode = AmrEncoder.Mode.MR122.ordinal();
short[] in = new short[160];//short array read from AudioRecorder, length 160
byte[] out = new byte[32];//output amr frame, length 32
int byteEncoded = AmrEncoder.encode(mode, in, out);



  • decode
long state = AmrDecoder.init();

byte[] amrframe = new byte[32];//amr frame 32 bytes
short[] pcmframs = new short[160];//pcm frame 160 shorts
AmrDecoder.decode(state, amrframe, pcmframs);


Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Amr file has 6 bytes of header "23 21 41 4D 52 0A" => "#!amr.", please remember to remove the header before decoding frames, thanks to AAccount's explaination.

Packaging amr audio to file system

record->encode->package amr file->upload(not implemented)

Audio steam is packaged to file in slices, the slice last a few seconds(customizable). This policy is suitable for this scenario: client is under unstable mobile network, client records amr file, sends slice by slice, server re-assembles the slices.

If you are interested in this solution, please refer to Codec/app


v1.2.0 April-15-2015

  • format converter for amr/wav
  • test cases


v1.1.1 2016-04-05

  • fix decoding bug of 32bit

v1.1.0 2016-04-02

  • add prebuilds for all archs
  • rename package


Please edit the FAQ files to help others, thanks! (赠人玫瑰,手留余香)



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