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parity-server CircleCI

OCUA Parity League code.


Server Setup

  1. You will need python3 and pip3.
  2. To install python dependencies run pip3 install -r requirements.txt (You may need run as administrator depending on your security settings)
  3. Run the python server with this command python3 server/
  4. You can inspect available leagues at at http://localhost:5000/api/leagues
  5. Then league API calls like http://localhost:5000/api/10/weeks/1 and http://localhost:5000/api/10/stats (where 10 is the league_id) etc.

On production the python server serves a static build of the client. This can be used/tested locally by running yarn build and then visiting localhost:5000.

Client Setup

  1. You will need to install node on your computer
  2. Install yarn by running the command npm install -g yarn
  3. Install the javascript dependencies by running yarn install in the web directory
  4. Start the client by running yarn start in the web directory. It will open a browser window with the app running on your computer. If you make changes to the code the window will reload with the changes.

Note that the client requires a local server. It is possible to configure the proxy in web/package.json to point the development client at the production API for doing read only frontend work.


To test locally by uploading a json file run:

curl -X POST --data @data/test/one.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:5000/submit_game

To reset your local database you can reset the db file using git restore.

There is also an automated test suite which can be run using pytest.


PRs welcome!

If you are interested in contributing (especially if you play in the league!) Feel free to contact me first if you need any help or have questions.