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Emotion detection on browser using TensorFlow.js
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This is a real-time Emotion detection using TensorFlow.js to load a pretrained model into the browser .

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Detect faces


  • We combine two datasets:
    1. Microsoft FERPlus as one of the dataset to train the emotion-detect model.
    2. Real-world Affective Faces Database (RAF-DB) as another dataset.

Convert Model


  • For MobileNetImage.html and MobileNetWebcam.html:

    Chrome Shape Detection API : FaceDetector: Chrome on Android, macOS, Windows 10 platfrom. Go to chrome browser chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features and enable the feature

  • For TinyFaceDetectWebcam.html you can run on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


Note, that wearing glasses might decrease the accuracy of the prediction results.

All demos are on our LAB server

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