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Tired of your current vim colorscheme? Have hundreds of vim colorschemes but don't know which ones you like because it takes too many key strokes to explore? Spectrum is here to help.

Spectrum allows you to shuffle through your installed colorschemes, keeping a history of your exploration for your reference.


  • Vim 7+ and compiled with Python
  • Python 2.6+


  • git clone, and then copy everything in plugin/ into your $HOME/.vim/plugin/. and doc/ to $HOME/.vim/doc/. If you're using Pathogen, add spectrum.vim/ to your runtime path.
  • If you use vundle add Bundle to your bundle config and then in vim, do :BundleInstall. Feel free to checkout my vim setup and my Vundle configure.

Commands available

  • SpectrumShuffle()
  • SpectrumNext()
  • SpectrumPrevious()
  • SpectrumInspirationDark()
  • SpectrumInspirationBright()
  • SpectrumInspect()
  • SpectrumLike()
  • SpectrumExclude()