Using the Alexa trivia skill sample to create a game about American rollercoasters.
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American Roller Coaster Trivia

Coaster Trivia Logo

This game is designed to test your knowledge of roller coasters in the United States. It is a simple trivia game- your options will be read and you simply say what the correct answer is. This game will test your knowledge of coaster manufacturers, ride statistics, locations, and roller coaster history. Do you think you are a coaster enthusiast? See how much you know!

This project is based on Amazon's sample trivia Alexa skill, which it was forked from. It is written in Node.js and includes everything you need to make your own roller coaster trivia skill.

The game itself can be enabled on your Alexa device by finding it in the Alexa app under American Roller Coaster Trivia or by clicking here.