A simple demonstration of how you can collect information from a micro controller using PySerial
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Serial USB Temperature Data Collector


This is a repository that collects files related to my tutorial on how to use Python to collect and save data from a microcontroller to your PC. This program is available for macOS High Sierra or Windows 10 (see the releases page to download) and can be used to collect temperature data from the Teensy-based temperature collector I outline in my tutorial. It looks like this:

Wiring diagram


You will need to install PySerial (I recommend using pip) and Python 3 to run this code. PyInstaller was used to create the binaries on the releases page. The Arduino IDE and the Teensy packages are needed to flash the Teensy with the serial_temperature_sensor.ino sketch, which collects temperature information from the sensor and then prints it to serial in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Bill of Materials for the Sensor

1x Teensy LC, $11.65

1x TMP36 Analog Temperature Sensor, $1.50