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Glean is a lightweight search engine for local text docs.

Run gln_index to build an index, then use gln to search.

To install:

Look at src/ (You probably won't need to edit it.)

cd src
make install


gln_index -p     # index ~, store index in ~; -p = show-progress

gln foo          # show all lines containing foo

For more info, look at the man pages.

It's like grep -r ~ foo, but much faster.

With many search indexing systems, the index can be 30-50% the size of indexed content. Glean's index is a svelte 2-5%, and builds rapidly.

Glean falls back on grep at the file level, and is much more efficient for searching lots of small files, rather than a few larger (25+ MB) ones.

The prototype/ directory contains the original prototype (in Lua). Glean follows this essential design, the rest is implementation details.