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CVT (Coordinated Video Timings) modeline calculator with CVT v1.2 timings.
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CVT (Coordinated Video Timings) modeline calculator with CVT v1.2 timings.

This is a modified CVT modeline calculator based on cvt
by, which is based on GTF modeline calculator by Andy Ritger.

This modified version adds support for CVT v1.2 (VESA-2013-3 v1.2).


  • Add support for CVT v1.2 reduced blanking timings.
  • Add support for 1000/1001 reducing of refresh rate for better movie support (ie 24hz * 1000 / 1001 = 23.976hz).
  • Add check for reduce blanking on CVT v1.1 for refresh rates not a multiple of 60hz.
  • Add checks for bad x y and refresh values.
  • Display 3 digits after decimal point on CLI output for the commented out part of the xf86 modeline. (ie 23.98hz -> 23.976hz)
  • Change xf86 modeline printout to be similar to's cvt.
  • Fix some default timing values on v1.1 to be in line with the Vesa Public Standards CVT Generator.
  • Various minor changes.


$ curl --output cvt12.c


$ gcc cvt12.c -O2 -o cvt12 -lm -Wall

License is in the source at the top.

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