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@kevinloch kevinloch released this Sep 10, 2019

3.39 - Expanded supported dimensions from 12 to 26
- Removed a^9 factor from M/mp mass ratio (this arbitrary scaling factor is not needed with higher
- Removed sqrt(2) factor from M/v mass ratio, as sqrt(2) inside radical is already included in
- Significant changes to phase 1 and phase 2 algorythims to be faster and more reliable
- Phase 1 now uses electron mass as a temporary reference mass, actual reference masses are now
introduced in cscanner()
- Phase 1 and 2 now always solves all polyforms. Low dimension and mixed dimension polyforms are
solved quickly. Polyforms with sequential dimensions and especially higher sequential dimensions can
take a long time to solve (over an hour in some cases).
- Renamed project from 'lepton' to 'polylepton'

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@kevinloch kevinloch released this Jun 21, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

Changes for version 3.38:

 - Minor changes to phase 1 algorithm solvePolyForCoefficients() improves the solving difficult polyforms (like P+10+11+12)
 - Phase 2 solvePolyforMasses() now uses long double instead of double floating point
 - Phase 2 samplelimit increased (allows more phase 2's to be solved but slows the ones that fail to solve)
 - Compile time option IGNORE_SMALL_UNCERTAINTIES fixes alpha_em and electron mass to exact values for up to 4x phase 2 speedup
 - Version variable is now char[20] instead of float
 - Phase 1 output now part of "status" output instead of "search"
 - Cosmetic changes to some debug output
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@kevinloch kevinloch released this May 25, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

Initial github release. This version includes CODATA 2018 reference values (based on the new SI definitions effective 2019/05/20).

This version works well for dimensions 1-4 or mixed +/- dimensions. It has problems solving phase 2 polynomials where the left term is dimension +5 or higher. (12 is the maximum supported dimension).

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