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ext-blog 0.9.1 1.9.2012 updated


ext-blog is a common lisp blog engine. It supports custom theme and you can
port a WordPress theme for it.

A sample ext-blog powered website can be found at my personal blog site:


* Basic blog engine features including: post an entry, display an entry, post
  a comment
* Support admin manage page so that you can manage your blog online
* Support custom themes
* Support RSS feed, only full export
* Support metaweblog API, only post/edit new entry
* Some basic themes ported by author

The more is coming.




ext-blog do not use any compiler specific APIs, so it can run in most Common
Lisp compilers in theory. But it still need to test. Currently ext-blog has
been tested on those compilers:

* Clozure CL

These compilers are not well tested now:

* Allegro CL
* CLISP, I have tried this compiler, but failed with hunchentoot:start which
 hangs the interpreter. After some google, I suppose it's because of CLISP 
 thread support.
* CMUCL, some dependent libraries can not be compiled, i.e, parenscript
* LispWorks
* Scieneer CL


You can use quicklisp to install ext-blog now (since 1.7.2012). So you can 
install ext-blog by :

    (ql:quickload 'ext-blog)

After that, you can run ext-blog now, i.e:


ext-blog will launch a web server using hunchentoot at port 8080. So you can 
visit it to test:


If you're the first time to run ext-blog, there's no data files for your blog,
so you will be redirected to initializing page to setup your blog. The setup 
page only needs admin user name and password.

After that, everytime you want to launch ext-blog, you can only load it in SBCL
 and start it, i.e:

    (ql:quickload 'ext-blog)

NOTE: if you install ext-blog by quicklisp, it maybe not the latest version, so
something will no work described in this document. You can get the latest 
version from Github.


ext-blog has some path relative configuration like data store path, log path 
etc. You can config these path by modifying src/specials.lisp.

In src/specials.lisp:

*data-root*: The root path for all data files, the default is currently path 
where you launched lisp compiler. 
*entry-static-path*: Store the uploaded images by metaweblog API.
*store-path*: Store the blog data like posts, comments etc.
*font-path*: the font file used to generate verify picture.
*log-path*: The log file path.
*enable-log*: t or nil, to enable/disable log.

Reporting Bugs

ext-blog is not well tested currently. If you find any bug or problems you can
 send me an email, and I will try to help you out. Feel free to send email to 
me kevinlynx at gmail dot com.


1. The font in verify code picuture is too small?

You can find a pcf font file make the font much more bigger. Just put the font
file in ./font and named it wenquanyi_12ptb.pcf. You can download this font 
file from:

2. When I visit localhost:8080 I got an error something like:

  Recursive lock attempt #S(SB-THREAD:MUTEX
                            :NAME "global-message-log-lock"
                            :%OWNER #<SB-THREAD:THREAD
                                      "hunchentoot-worker-" RUNNING
                            :STATE 1).

Actually this is a misleading error message. Just rm log and store directory in 
your *data-root* path which default in your current path.


ext-blog is a common lisp blog engine. It supports custom theme and you can port a WordPress theme for it.






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