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MicroPython Over-the-Air updater

This library enables you to update your MicroPython projects over the air, at start-up, or whenever you choose.

To use this code:

  1. Add the to your MicroPython device

  2. Create a file named on your MicroPython device, which contains two variables: SSID and PASSWORD:

    SSID = "my wifi hotspot name"
    PASSWORD = "wifi password"
  3. Add this to your main program code:

    from ota import OTAUpdater
    firmware_url = "<username>/<repo_name>/<branch_name>"

    where <username> is your github username, <repo_name> is the name of the repository to check for updates and <branch_name> is the name of the branch to monitor.

  4. Add this to your main program code:

    ota_updater = OTAUpdater(SSID, PASSWORD, firmware_url, "")
  5. On your GitHub repository, add a version.json file, and add a version element to the JSON file, with a version number: It is not necessary to add the version file anymore as the versioning is based on the commit id, managed by GitHub.


The OTAUpdater will connect to github over wifi using your provided wifi credentials, check what the most up-to-date version of the firmware is, compare this to a local file present on the device named version.json, which contains the version number unique commit ID of the current on device firmware.

If the local file is not present it will create one with a version number of 0. If the Github version is newer, it will download the latest file and overwrite the file on the device with the same name, then restart the MicroPython board.

If you find this useful, please let me know on our discord server: