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Simple SFTP directory upload/sync tool
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Tinysync -- A simple directory uploader

(C) 2011 Kevin Mehall
Revised BSD License


Tinysync is a minimal tool to incrementally upload a local directory to a dumb SFTP server. It uses a manifest file to determine which files have changed, and only uploads the necessary files. It was developed as a replacement for bzr-upload when I switched to git.

Compared to


  • tinysync is VCS-agnostic (flip-side: not VCS integrated)


  • tinysync has native SFTP support, without requiring rsync on the server or sshfs
  • tinysync uses a remote manifest file and does not require traversing the entire remote directory tree
  • tinysync incremental upload assumes no other changes have been made to the remote directory



Upload the current directory to a remote location:

tinysync -l sftp://user@host/location

The location is remembered in .tinysync-config and does not have to be specified after first use:


It can remember multiple locations. The default location is default

tinysync production -l sftp://user@prod/var/www -n
tinysync testing -l sftp://user@test/var/www -n

tinysync production
tinysync testing

When run, it outputs a change summary:

Synchronized 22 files. (2 added; 3 updated; 0 deleted)

The -d option sets tinysync's source directory

tinysync -d site

-n makes no changes, but summarizes what would be done (dry run)

tinysync -n

Files can be excluded from upload. .git, .bzr, .gitignore and .bzrignore are excluded by default. Remember to use quotes around glob-syntax wildcards so they are not expanded by the shell

tinysync --exclude '*.bak'

To remove destination locations or exclude rules, modify .tinysite-config in the source directory


tinysync [location_name] [options]


-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-l URI, --uri=URI

Set the destination URI for the chosen location name

-n, --dry-run

Perform a trial run and make no changes

-d DIR, --dir=DIR

Work in DIR instead of the current directory

-f, --full

Ignore the remote digest and force full upload


Add an exclude rule (glob syntax)


Update the remote digest without syncing files. Use only if remote dir is known to be in sync

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