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boss_db/CB test applicaiton
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A small Chicago Boss application to integration test my fork of boss_db that allows ::uuid IDs. To run:

  1. download and execute [*]

  2. cd /var/tmp/cb-uuid-system/keytest

  3. ./

  4. visit http://localhost:8001/maintest

If the test succeeds you'll get a page back with a bunch of "true:" results. Any "false:" results indicate an error. Likewise, some of the assertions being tested are done with pattern matching in the controller, so there's that too. Errors there will crash CB with a usually helpful error report. (Hey, it's a hack.)

[*] This test was written to test the pgsql adapter (though one imagines it could be tweaked for others). As such it assumes you can 'psql' with no arguments. Getting that setup is beyond the scope of the test though check out on OS X if you roll that way.

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