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@kevinmschreiner kevinmschreiner released this Jul 23, 2020

This build includes slight adjustments to support the 9.6.2 release of DNN. In addition to those changes, updates have been made to correct the Administration link within the action menu on the module. Finally, the GOTO Action has been expanded, thanks to updates provided by Roberto Caporale. The GOTO now supports dynamic configuration and region targeting. If you would like to dynamically switch from one configuration to another - set the dynamic configuration and/or dynamic region parameters in the UI. These will override any settings made to the static configuration and region targets.

This version should ONLY be used on version 9.6.2, although it may operate properly in 9.6.1.
Additionally - if you are using Reflection within your configurations - you MUST set your web.config to allow full trust OR establish specific permissions to use Reflection within the runtime.

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