A PHP interface to interact with the Kunaki XMLService.
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Kunaki PHP XMLService Class

Kunaki is an on-demand CD/DVD publishing service that is fully automated. One of the options to use the service is through their XML Webservice which this class interfaces with.


  • PHP 5
  • SimpleXML (libxml)
  • Kunaki publisher account (Free at [Kunaki] (http://kunaki.com).)

How to Use

To begin first initialize the class

$Kunaki = new Kunaki('SantaClaus@Northpole.com','Rednose', 'TEST');

You'll then need to get the shipping options before you can proces an order. At minimum the following information must be given

$order = new Kunaki_Order();
$order->addProductId($ProductId, 10);
$order->PostalCode = '10004';
$order->Country = 'United States';
$order->State_Province = 'NY';
$shipping = $Kunaki->getShippingOptions($order);

With the returned data you can then pick the shipping option you wish to use. You'll then add it to the order object as well as the remaining required information

$order->City = "New York";
$order->Address1 = '215 Maple Street';
$order->Name = "John Smith";
$order->ShippingDescription = "USPS Priority Mail";
$order_info = $Kunaki->processOrder($order);

The returned data will contain an OrderId which can then be used to find the status of the order


The class is fully documented if you would like to see the additional options. In addition, the naming conventions match the offical XMLService provided by Kunaki and can be found [http://kunaki.com/XMLService.htm] (here).


This software is released under the GPLv3 license. The full license can be read [http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt] (here).