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Community-driven Apex and Visualforce bug/issue submission


This repository is an issues-only repository for submitting new, reproducable issues with Apex and Visualforce. The goal of submitting these issues is to help identify previously unknown issues and get them submitted to the Known Issues site.

Submission Rules

All issue submissions should be created as an issue in this repository. The following are a set of guidelines to review prior to submitting a new issue.

  1. Only new issues: Please submit only new issues. If your issue already exists as an issue on the Known Issues site, then please do not submit another here. The goal of this project is to bring new issues to light, not reiterate the existing ones.
  2. Provide detail: Your issue must have clearly-written steps to reproduce and you should strive to provide as much detail as possible.
  3. Include repro code: Whenever possible, code to reproduce the issue should be submitted. Code examples can be written inline to the issue using Markdown or you can provide links to Gists, other repos, or even downloads.
  4. Play nice: This is a community effort to help fix issues and not a forum for venting. Be respectful, helpful, and kind.
  5. Be responsive: You are responsible for answering questions pertaining to the issues you submit.
  6. Provide updates: If your issue gets fixed, hits Known Issues, or changes in any other way, please provide updates back to your submitted issue.

Other Things to Include in your Issue

Always include:

  • API versions affected

Include when applicable:

  • Debug logs
  • Screenshots
  • Exception details

Issue Closure

Issues may be closed for any of the following reasons

  • The issue is acknowledged on the Known Issues site.
  • The issue is resolved
  • The issue submission doesn't provide enough detail
  • The issue isn't reproducable by any other community member
  • The issue isn't clear or lacks detail
  • The submitter isn't responding to questions


I want this to be a community-led effort. If you are interested in helping to review issue, let me know.