A node.js app for automatically following your meetup.com group users from your twitter account
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meetup.com twitter follow bot

This is a simple node.js app that polls your meetup.com group and follows any of your members with a Twitter account from your Twitter account. The app contains the files necessary to run this on Heroku as well as locally.


  1. Clone this repo and install dependencies with npm install
  2. Register your app with Twitter.com
  3. Get a meetup.com API key
  4. Set the environment variables. See the env.sh file for the environment variables that need to be set. You can run this script once edited to set the variables.

Running locally

After setting the environment variables...

$ node app.js -p 60

The -p flag specifies the polling interval in minutes.

How to use on Heroku

  1. Edit the heroku.sh file and enter the proper credentials and information for meetup.com and twitter
  2. Create your node.js app on Heroku using the cedar stack
  3. Run the heroku.sh bash script
  4. Deploy and scale up the bot process