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My personal website
JavaScript Python Dockerfile
Branch: develop
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Portfolio v6


Prerequisites to work on the project

Main technologies

Branching model

I'm using the GitFlow branching model.

Local development with dev server

npm run start

Build the website for production

npm run build

Pages are pre-rendered via react-snap.

Deploy to preprod/production

GitHub Actions is used to build & deploy the website with GitFlow.

Deploy to preprod:

Push to a release/*-*-* branch


Deploy to production:

Push to the master branch


Fetch experience & education data from LinkedIn

npm run fetch-linkedin

This command run a script to update the src/data/experience.json & src/data/education.json files with data fetched from my LinkedIn profile.

Required: A .env file with the LinkedIn credentials:


Find and fix problems in the JavaScript code

npm run lint

Serve the dist directory

npm run serve

Analyse the webpack bundle content

npm run analyze-bundle


If you have any question/suggestion/bug, please feel free to create an issue or email me.

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