Unofficial Python Upload Script
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Unofficial Python Upload Script
Copyright (C) 2010 Kevin Riggle <>
Released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2

To install:
* uncompress the source distribution or git clone the repository into your 
  home directory (I like ~/src)
* create a symlink from in the place you installed the distribution to
  $HOME/bin, like so
        ln -s $HOME/src/audiobox-uploader/ $HOME/bin
* $HOME/bin is in your $PATH, right?

To use:
* if you don't use the -u option on the command line to specify your AudioBox
  username and password, abup will prompt you for your credentials and give 
  you the option to save them for future use
* running ` --help` will provide you with a list of other command line 
  options and their uses
* upload music! doesn't currently support bandwidth limiting, but if you need it (eg.
so as to not annoy your housemates by saturating the house net connection's 
uplink), it works great with the 'trickle' utility, available from an Apt 
repository near you!

Please feel free to contact me at with any 
questions, comments, or patches. :-)