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a simple YouTube jukebox

knocked together in an evening
written in JavaScript; uses swfobject

It works like this: 
* you find a site which has a bunch of YouTube links you want to listen to;
* you feed its URL(s) to and save the output (requires Python and
  the requests library, available at a fine Cheeseshop near you), eg.
    ./ '' > \
* you run the server (blah blah Flash single origin blah blah) (requires
  Python), eg.
* you navigate to http://localhost:8000 in your favorite web browser;
* you copy-and-paste that file's contents into the playlist on the jukebox
  page, eg.
    cat autoaudiography-turn-it-up.txt | xclip
  and middle-click, if you're me and running Linux;
* you click 'Play/Pause';
* and bask in the sound.

HTML+JavaScript is brilliant, it's like the Visual Basic of the 21st century.
Zero to working UI in no time at all.  :-D