libuv bindings for Haxe
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hxuv Build Status

libuv bindings for Haxe


This library targets to express unopinionatedly the libuv api in a Haxe fashion (e.g. managed memory allocation, GC-friendly, allow closures, etc). So there should be 1-to-1 mapping for each API.


The original libuv documentation should generally apply. However, function signatures might be slightly different from the original in order to fit the Haxe language.

Supported targets

  • C++, requires the linc_uv library

(possible to support other targets in the future)


// create a echo tcp server
var server = Tcp.alloc();
server.bind('', 7000, 0);
server.listen(128, function(_) {
	var client = Tcp.alloc();
	client.readStart(function(status, bytes) {
		if(bytes != null) client.write(bytes, function(_) trace('echoed')); // echo
		else client.close(function() trace('closed')); // client ended

// connect to the server, send a string and print the echo from server
var tcp = Tcp.alloc();
tcp.connect('', 7000, function(status) {
	tcp.write(Bytes.ofString('Hello World!'), function(_) trace('written')); // write to server
	tcp.shutdown(function(status) trace('shutdown')); // close the outgoing stream
	tcp.readStart(function(status, bytes) {
		if(bytes != null) trace(bytes.toString());
		else tcp.close(function() trace('closed')); // close the tcp socket

Contributions Welcome

  • Complete the API
  • Support other targets